We focus on manufacturing custom equipment that is becoming essential for cocktails & drinks in bars and restaurants.
Our tools & products are used for decorating ice like ice stamps, sphere ice stamps for ice balls or ice press makers to brand your ice and cocktails.
Another group of our custom tools is bar & restaurant equipment like branding irons for branding mainly citrus peels, food but can be also used on wood surface, bar stencils for coffees & muddlers for cocktail making. Please check what else can we produce.
If you haven't found item that you were looking for then feel free to contact us and we will do our best to make it happen.

Branding Irons

Branding Irons are being used for permanent marking any kind of wood, plastics, leather, fruity zests, pineapple leaves, .... and other surfaces.

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Heat Stamps - Manual Brander

Same as branding irons but often used only for fruity zests, pineapples leaves. Heat stamps are using external heat source.

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Featured Products

Discover more items from us in our shop. If you are looking for something specific or custom made then don't hesitate & contact us.
Custom made ice stamps, heat stamps or branding irons can be created here.


Tiki Muddler with Ice Stamp


Aloha Muddler with Ice Stamp

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Cannabis Muddler with Ice Stamp